Trial scheduling is based on availability and the volume of other sellers. Trial scheduling is intended for sellers to be able to sell in very limited volume (up to 25 items per week) so the primary factor that determines likelihood of being scheduled is how frequently you have recently been scheduled.

Sellers can increase the likelihood that their items get scheduled by:

- Earning great Product Ratings. Sellers with great Product Ratings have a higher likelihood of scheduling more frequently. For more tips, check out the FAQ: 
How can I get great product ratings?

- Shipping on time. Sellers who ship on time with valid tracking have a better chance of being scheduled. For more information of Tophatter's shipping requirements check out our FAQ: What are the shipping requirements?

- Maintaining high Performance Stats. Sellers with high sell rates, bid rates, average selling prices will have a higher likelihood of scheduling more frequently. Sellers can monitor their stats on their Seller Dashboard.

Sellers who have the inventory to sell in a higher volume should apply to become a Partner.