If a customer requests a refund for an order before it has been marked as shipped it should be refunded. For information on what to do if your customer requests a refund please refer to our article What if my buyer requests a refund?

In addition, the Easy Returns policy means that customers can request a return, no questions asked, within 30 days of shipment/delivery.

When a customer requests a return, they may be issued a return label to ship their product back to the seller or issued an instant refund (particularly if the cost to return the item is greater than the cost of the refund). When a seller's item is returned, the seller will be billed for the refund amount less any seller fees incurred on the sale. In the case of an instant refund, Tophatter will absorb the full refund cost, unless the purchase being refunded does not qualify for Tophatter Seller Protection. More information about our Seller Protection policy can be found here.

If a seller's account has an abnormally high rate of refunds they may be charged refund fees on future instant refunds issued, or billed for return shipping of the item from the customer. A seller’s returns can be tracked within their account on their Returns page.