Yes, sellers are automatically reimbursed for fees when a transaction is fully refunded.

Full Refund:

  • If you issue a full refund very shortly after and order is paid, the transaction is voided, which means it is reversed before settling.  This voids the order before any fees are billed.  Since no fees are billed, there are no credits issued, and you won't pay any Refund Deduction.  The transaction will say Voided on your Orders page. 
  • If you issue a full refund after the payment has settled, Tophatter will pay the buyer for the refunded amount, and you will still receive the original disbursement.  A "Refund Deduction" will be added to your Fees for the amount disbursed to you.  In other words, you will not pay seller fees on the transaction.  The transaction will say Refunded on your Items page.
Partial Refund:
  • If you issue a partial refund, we will include a pro-rated credit in the Refund Deduction amount we invoice you for the refund, reimbursing you for applicable fees. Since it's still a completed sale, the success fee and processing fee will not be credited. However, you will get the percentage difference of the Tophatter commission on the hammer and shipping price. For example, if it's a $12 sale and you refund the customer $2, we will credit you the commission difference between a $12 sale and a $10 sale.
Shipping Labels
  • Purchased shipping labels can be voided if they are not yet scanned as Accepted.  If you void a purchased shipping label, you will automatically be reimbursed for the purchased shipping label
  • If a sale is refunded prior to the shipping label being used, the shipping label will be voided, and you will automatically be reimbursed for the purchased shipping label.
  • Once scanned as Accepted, purchased shipping labels cannot be voided or reimbursed. If an order is refunded after delivery, the shipping label fee cannot be reimbursed.
  • As of July 1st 2016, if you purchased a shipping label from Tophatter and have received a package that was returned to sender due to a bad address it may be reimbursable. Please Contact Support with the order number if you would like us to look into an order for you.