When creating titles for listings
  • Create titles that are clear, concise and informative about the product with a general product name. All the fun details about your product will be featured in the description!
  • Review your title to be sure it's free of any errors or typos.
  • Accurately represent your product.
  • Make sure any information in the title matches the information in your description.

When uploading images to listings

  • Use the highest quality photos possible; be sure they aren't blurry. Clear, quality images set better expectations for buyers.
  • Ensure your photos are up to date and accurately reflect your available inventory.
  • Include clear references to indicate size/color/other options if multiple variants are available.
  • Use photos you have been given permission to use.
  • Include promotions or advertisements for other shops or websites.
  • Offer gifts or other benefits demonstrating preference toward a particular payment method.
  • Include promotional codes or offers that apply toward off-site purchases. 
  • Add graphics that could mislead a buyer about the product rating, product origin or quality. For example, don't add images of stars.
  • Create more than one product listing for the same item. Duplicate listings are not allowed.
  • Offer free shipping unless the item ships everywhere for free.
  • Present/Describe the product with accessories that must be obtained separately in an attempt to artificially inflate the value of the product.
  • Change images, title, or description in a listing from one product to a different product. To add a new product, you must create a new listing.

We recommend, but don't require these helpful suggestions. 
  • Include at least 2 images of your product; 5 is even better!
  • We recommend including a personal photo of your item whenever possible.
  • Show size relativity with an object, ruler or a mannequin.

When writing the descriptions for listings

  • Keep descriptions concise and factual. Buyers only have moments to read about the product. 
  • Ensure the product condition is accurately represented.
  • Include promotional codes or offers that apply toward off-site purchases.
  • Provide details about policies within the description. 
  • Include available colors/sizes/variations. The product variations system will do this for you, adding this information in the listing will just confuse your buyers.