If a scheduled item has a "Buy Now" price, a buyer can bypass the bidding process and purchase the item outright. This is a great way for sellers with active Terms to make additional sales!

  • When a product is created, a Buy Now price is required and the product is automatically placed in an Enabled status. Buyers can find the product by searching by keyword for the title, brand or seller, or by browsing upcoming items and Catalogs. They can then Buy Now or set a reminder for the item.
  • ​Commission on unscheduled items purchased with Buy Now is 10%.  If a Buy Now sale is made on an Unscheduled item, there will be no success fee on that sale and the commission is just 10%.  


  • If a Buy Now sale is made on an item that is already scheduled, there will be no success fee on that sale and the commission will be determined by the seller's commission rate.