A wide variety of items can be sold on Tophatter.  Check out the Listing Guidelines for each category for details.  Follow the steps below for creating a new product.

First, add some Basic Information:

  • Click Manage under Products then +Add.
  • Required fields are indicated with a star.
  • You'll be prompted to enter a Unique ID. Read more about this in the FAQ: What is a Unique Product ID or SKU?​
  • Next, select a Product Category.  Be sure to choose the best option for your particular item.
  • Create a Product Title that quickly identifies what the buyer is looking at. Titles should be short and sweet, but unique.
  • In the Product Description, provide as much detail about your item as you can to ensure that potential buyers have everything they need to know before purchasing. 
  • Choose a Product Condition. For more on conditions, review the FAQ: What condition are items in?
  • If the item is branded, select the Product Brand from the list.
  • Enter what the item is made of under Product Material.

In the next section, if applicable for your item, enter Product Variations:
  • Each of the unique IDs that you specify for your sizes/color combinations must be different. We recommend appending the size and/or color to the product's SKU if your size/color variations don't have their own SKU.
  • Click +Add Another to add more variations as needed.

Next, enter Pricing:
  • Auction Starting Price​​ is the amount the item will open for in a fast-paced live auction. Tophatter requires all items to start at $1 because it creates excitement and increases buyer competition, which in turn generates higher selling prices. Sellers should note that Tophatter does not offer reserve pricing.
  • Target Price is the amount you want to sell the product for taking into account the product cost, expected fees, and your expected profit. Shipping cost should be excluded from Target Price.
In the next section, add Order Processing & Shipping information:
  • Shipping Price (To U.S.) is the cost you charge a buyer for shipping if they are located in the United States.  If you offer FREE shipping enter 0.  You can set your international shipping prices here.
  • Shipping From is the country your product ships from.
  • Shipping Weight is the weight of the package in ounces.  If you use the metric system, please convert grams or kilograms to ounces.
  • Days To Process Order is the number of days you will need to prepare your item to be shipped.  Orders must be processed within 1 to 7 days, and faster is better.

Upload your Images:
  • Up to 5 photos can be uploaded for each product, and we require at least 2 different photos of the item.  Images should be those you have taken of the item yourself or photos you have express permission to use.  The images must be at least 500 pixels wide by 480 pixels tall, and can be up to 4MB in file size.