Electronics - 

Electronics includes items which have an electronic or computerized component and corresponding accessories for these items such as camcorders, cameras, chargers, earbuds, game consoles, headphones, home theater systems, laptops, MP3/4 players, speakers, smartphones, software such as Blu-ray, CDs, DVDs, video games, storage cases, tablets and televisions.


When listing items in this category, sellers must ensure that:

  • All items must be in working condition and usable.
  • All items must have a clear condition specified - new, used, refurbished, etc. with any additional notes regarding product defects.
  • All listings include a model number and/or generation number.
  • Retail Price, if listed, should reflect the item's current value.
The listing should include all parts necessary for it to be fully functional. This includes hard drives, batteries, charging cables, ink, etc.

Products listed in a manner to deceitfully inflate their true value, capacity or interactive capabilities cannot be sold on Tophatter. This includes, but is not limited to y-pads/hi-pads, flash drives with actual capacity less than what is advertised, robotic vacuum cleaners/sweepers, and any variations there of.

*Every listing is subject to review. Tophatter Staff may require information such as proof of purchase, additional photos or further details pertaining to the listed item at any given time.