Collectibles -
Collectibles includes antiques, coins, dolls, glassware, limited edition items, memorabilia, militaria, stamps trading cards and vintage items. This category does not include new jewelry.


In accordance with FTC guidelines, on Tophatter:

  • An antique is an item that’s at least 100 years old.

  • A vintage collectible is an item that is at least 50 years old.

  • Items newer than 50 years old may be described and sold as collectibles.

When listing items in this category, sellers must ensure that:

  • If an item is described as antique or vintage, an estimated age (within a decade) is provided.

  • Items are described accurately. Reproductions and vintage-inspired items must clearly be labeled as such.



NOTE: Sellers located outside the United States cannot sell collectible coins

There are specific listing requirements for coins.

When listing coins, sellers must ensure that:

  • Photos are clear, personal (non-stock photos)

  • Photos must show both the reverse and obverse sides of the coin

  • All information known about the coin, such as origin, date of issue and condition are specified


When listing coins as authentic sellers must also include:

  • Grade of coin using industry standard grades (ie. MS - 60).

  • Coins must be certified by a recognized grading company and the company must be listed in the description. Acceptable grading services are as follows:
    • The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)
    • The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)
    • Independent Coin Graders (ICG)
    • ANACS
  • Certification or serial number of coin must be in the description.
  • Seller must guarantee that the coin being sold matches the certification or serial number in the description.


Raw Coins

Coins that have not been graded or have been graded by an unapproved grading company cannot include:

  • A numeric grade (ie. MS - 65) anywhere in the title, description or elsewhere in the listing.

  • Any estimate of value (even of opinion) or reference to price.


Replicas and coin-like items

  • Replicas must include the word "COPY" at the beginning of both the title and the description.
  • ​If a coin is a copy the listing must include "not for investment purposes" in clear, legible, easily visible text.
  • Replica coins must also be stamped "COPY" on the back of the coin.

Precious Metals, Bullions & Rounds

  • Gold of 10 karats or higher

  • Silver of 925 parts per 1000 pure silver or above

  • Platinum group metals of 850 parts per 1000 pure platinum or above


Precious metals cannot be plated or filled; they are solid.

If an item doesn't qualify as a precious metal as described above, sellers must include the following information in their listing:


  • Plated/Filled Metals: listings must include these qualifying words after any use of the words "gold," silver," or "platinum" to accurately identify the item.  For example, in cases where the alloy used for plating meets the precious metal requirements above, then the listing can say "gold-plated", silver-plated" or "platinum-plated".

  • Abbreviations used to describe these listings may include "GF" (gold-filled), "GP" (gold-plated), and "GEP" (gold-electroplated). Similar abbreviations can be applied to other metals where applicable.

  • Items cannot be described as "sterling silver" unless they have the ".925" stamp.

  • Items which have a .925 marking must be solid sterling silver.
  • ​If a bar/bullion/round does not qualify as precious metal the listing must include "not for investment purposes" in clear, legible, easily visible text.

All precious metals listed to be sold on Tophatter must abide by the US Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) Jewelry, Gemstones, Precious Metals and Pewter Industries guidelines as indicated here.

Stock Certificates and Bonds
  • Listings for stock certificates must include an image showing the cancellation mark on the back side of the certificate.


There are specific listing requirements for cards.

  • When listing cards as authentic, sellers must ensure that they have been graded by one of the following organizations:
    • Professional Sports Authenticators (PSA)
    • Beckett Grading Services (BGS)
    • Sportscard Guaranty (SGC)
    • International Sports Authentication (ISA)

Every listing is subject to review. Tophatter Staff may require information such as proof of purchase, additional photos or further details pertaining to the listed item at any given time.