A scheduled or enabled product may be unscheduled or disabled for several reasons. 

Here are the most common:

  • The product was submitted in the wrong Category.
  • The listing contained inaccurate or misleading information, or did not comply with listing guidelines.
  • The item could not be authenticated.
  • The listing was missing images or other required content.
  • A DMCA takedown notice was received by the copyright or trademark owner.
  • The listing had an inaccurate or inflated retail price.
  • The listing offered incentives for payment processor preference.
  • The item can't be sold.
  • Images in the listing showed graphic or explicit content.  For more information, visit this FAQ.
  • Seller information could not be verified.  

If an item is unscheduled and/or disabled by a staff member, the seller will also receive an email from Tophatter indicating specifically why the item was unscheduled.

In addition to the above reasons for unscheduling, some items may not become scheduled. This can occur if the item has received a high percentage of poor Product Ratings, there have been authenticity complaints about the item, or the item has been determined not to be a good fit for Tophatter.