After a seller has downloaded items or orders to a CSV, the file can be opened with any spreadsheet software application.  

A spreadsheet software program is a powerful tool having the ability to sort data and calculate values using mathematical formulas with the data in cells.

Some common spreadsheet software applications include:
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Apple Numbers
  • Open Office Calc
  • Google Docs

There are guides and tutorials for using different spreadsheets available online, from simple to very advanced.  It is recommended that sellers review the basics for using their own spreadsheet software application and specific version.  We have provided some very basic general tips for getting started:
  • Each box in a spreadsheet is called a cell
  • Each horizontal row is identified by number
  • Each vertical column is identified by a letter
  • Accounting functions can be performed by the spreadsheet using a formula

When managing a CSV, it is helpful to prepare the report for easier viewing by:
  • Freezing the top row
  • Making the headings bold
  • Formatting cells containing monetary values for accounting using 2 decimal places

MS Excel example for adding up a column

If a seller wants to add the Scheduling Fee column on a Calculating Finances report using Microsoft Excel 2013 on Windows 10, they can follow these steps:

  1. Click View > Freeze Panes > Freeze Top Row
  2. Click the letter AN which will select the entire column
  3. Right click and Select Format Cells > Accounting, then click OK
  4. Scroll to the very end of column AN
  5. Stop scrolling when there is no more data inside the cells
  6. Click inside the first empty cell
  7. Click Formulas, and select AutoSum > Sum
  8. The range will by default select every row in column G
  9. Press Enter, and the cell will now contain the sum of all the scheduling fees