Selling terms are an agreement to sell products on TophatterConfirming selling terms means you are agreeing to have your products scheduled through Tophatter's Autoscheduling system, to pay all fees accrued through sales made on the platform, and to honor all sales made on the site.
There are two types of terms on Tophatter:
Category Terms: Category terms apply to accounts that have closed their first less than three months ago. Category terms allow you to sell in a specific category. If you have category terms in Jewelry, that means you can sell Jewelry products. If you want to sell in a new category, first add products in the new category and then click the “Apply” button on your seller ‘Terms' page.
Default Terms: Default terms apply if you have closed your first lot more than three months ago. Default terms allow you to sell in any category without having to apply. If you want to sell in a new category, under default terms you just have to list products for the category you wish to sell in. Tophatter’s scheduling system will automatically review and schedule your products. When your first order in a new category is paid for, you will receive terms in that category. 
Success fees are a flat fee per listing, Scheduling fees are not charged on unpaid, canceled or refunded orders.
Commission fees are a percentage commission on the final hammer price + shipping price for paid items.
** All transactions are also assessed a Processing Fee, for more information please refer to the Payouts section below.
Fees vary for each type of terms
Category Terms: Fees for category terms vary by seller. You will be shown fees on your Terms page to review and you can decide whether or not you wish to accept them.
Default Terms: Fees for default terms vary by location. A full list of the default terms by location is available here.
Payouts are processed to a seller's chosen payout method.  Each paid order incurs a processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. These fees are in addition to the Tophatter fees outlined in your selling terms.
Payouts are made after tracking confirms that items are Delivered. For additional details on how this works, please click here.
All shipments must ship with valid tracking numbers; tracking through to delivery is required on Tophatter. For details on accepted shipping carriers, please click here.