We encourage you to follow these best practices for success:

  • Keep inventory stocked & up-to-date -  Check your product quantities regularly to ensure there is enough inventory to meet your terms. Keeping products in stock will ensure they are scheduled and gain exposure and alerts prior to going on the block. Alerts lead to more attendees, which leads to more bidding and higher prices.
  • Low & compelling starting bids - Tophatter requires all items to start at $1 because it creates excitement and increases buyer competition, which in turn generates higher selling prices.
  • Variety is the key to success - we encourage you to list a wide variety of products in your account. Offering variety helps drive prices higher, too.
  • Use the number of alerts as a guide - do you have a lot of alerts on a product? This means buyers are interested in it. Try listing more like this to encourage customers to attend when this product is up for sale.

After your items sell, here are the most important things to follow-up on:

  • Ship quickly - our best sellers ship items out within 1 business day and customers love it!
  • Respond to your Support Tickets - customers may have questions about orders; fast customer service makes the experience so much better!
  • Our Support team is here to help - if you have any questions as you process your orders, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Want more tips on how to be a successful seller? Check out our blog post on How to Win as a Tophatter Seller! You can read it in English or Chinese.