It's easy to get started! Just log into your Tophatter account and visit Sell.

Follow several simple steps to start selling:
  • Set up your payout options to receive payouts. You must complete this step to receive payment for your Tophatter sales.
  • After you've created a product listing and verified that you can accept payment, review your selling terms. Once you confirm your terms the Tophatter Autoscheduling system will automatically select products you've listed and schedule them into our live events.
  • When the item sells to the highest bidder, the buyer will pay you directly through Tophatter and you'll receive the payout after delivery has been confirmed.  Buyers have 24 hours to make payment, after which time you have the option to cancel an unpaid sale. Unpaid orders are automatically canceled after 3 days if they are not paid for.
  • When your item sells, go to Selling>Orders to review the details.
  • ​Now you're ready to prepare to ship the item to the buyer.  Postage can be purchased through Tophatter for your convenience if you wish to use this option.  Be sure to review our shipping requirements for all sellers and to mark the item shipped with valid tracking after shipping
A couple last notes:
  • Tophatter fees will be automatically deducted prior to a payout.
  • You can list more products individually with the Add+ option, or you can create multiple products at once with a .csv file using the Add Multiple option.
  • If we are unable to verify a seller's account details, additional information may be requested. 
  • At this time Tophatter only accepts applications from business sellers. Applications from sole proprietors and/or partnerships will be rejected.