To request an address change on a Paid order, visit My Orders, click the item, then click Change Address. You will receive a confirmation if the seller accepts the address change request.
  • If you need to request an address change after payment, you can do that for up to 5 days from the payment date or until the item has shipped- whichever occurs first. 
  • Address change requests are subject to approval by the seller and are not available on Buy Now purchases.
  • Sellers are responsible for shipping with a valid tracking number to confirm that the item reaches the shipping address provided by the buyer at the time of payment.  
  • We cannot offer Buyer Protection if tracking confirms the item was delivered to the shipping address provided at the time of payment and you did not receive it, or if the item was misplaced or stolen after it was delivered.
  • If an order has already shipped, it is no longer possible to change the address. We recommend that you contact your post office with the tracking number and request that they reroute the package to another address.
  • You may be eligible for refund if tracking shows the item was "Undeliverable" and returned to sender. Please contact our customer support team if this has occurred.

To manage existing shipping addresses on file, visit Account Info, click Manage Addresses, then edit or delete an existing address, or click Add Mailing Address to add a new address.