Each item has an Estimated Delivery date which you can view before bidding by clicking on the picture of the item. More details about the status of your order will be available by clicking Where's My Item? after you have paid. 

Orders shipping to you from outside of your home country may take longer to arrive and may not show tracking updates for part of the journey. Extra time should be allowed for delivery of these items. 

For items 
that have not been confirmed as delivered to the address provided through a valid tracking number:
  1. We will ask you to confirm receipt 60 days after shipment. 
  2. You will have 3 days to respond to the request for confirmation. 
  3. If you indicate you have not received the item, we will process a full refund.  

Note: Neither Tophatter nor the individual seller will be liable if tracking shows an item was delivered to the shipping address provided by the buyer, or if the item was misplaced, lost or stolen after it was delivered.