Yes, we offer Buyer Protection!
  1. If you are not satisfied with an item for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of delivery to receive a full refund. Review the FAQ: How do I return an item? for more details.
  2. If you have not received an item and it has not been confirmed delivered to the address provided at the time of payment through a valid tracking number, you can report this from My Orders by clicking the item, then clicking Where's My Item?

    If the item still has not been confirmed delivered through tracking after 60 days have passed, a full refund will be processed. Review 
    the FAQ: What if I haven't received my item? for more details.

We cannot refund or reimburse the cost of Customs, taxes, VAT or additional postage expenses that were not paid through this platform.

For your security, with the exception of mailing address, your contact information is never shared with sellers. Issues with orders should only be resolved through the options provided within the platform. If a listing includes a seller's direct contact information, we strongly recommend using caution, as Buyer Protection does not cover any transactions that take place outside of this platform.