These are the most common reasons a shopper might not be able to place a bid, and how to resolve them:

  • Tophatter is a fast-moving live environment and many live bids are placed simultaneously. This may result in a competing bid to yours being recognized. To resolve this, try placing another bid. Be sure to tap a second time to confirm your bid, if required.
  • A shopper can have a limited number of unpaid orders before they must pay before bidding again. To resolve this, be sure to pay for all orders right away.
  • A seller may block a shopper who has purchased from them in the past. To resolve this, try using our Search option to find similar items from different sellers.
  • Bidding is disabled temporarily when shoppers have too many cancelled orders. Read more in the FAQ: What if I have too many cancelled orders? If you're unable to bid for this reason, you can still participate by shopping for items with the Buy Now option.
  • The issue could be technical, or the result of lag. On mobile, try closing all other apps running in the background and restart your device and the app. If you're using a computer, clear your browser cache and restart the browser. If the issue doesn't improve, restarting the modem is often effective.

If none of the above apply and you're still having trouble bidding, please Contact support and provide the error code you received.