Yes, we offer Buyer Protection!
  1. If you're not satisfied with an order for any reason - you may request a return for up to 30 days from delivery to receive a full refund upon return of the item. Some conditions apply. Please review the FAQ: How do I return an item? for full details.
  2. If you haven't received an order - report late delivery from My Orders by clicking the item, then clicking Where's My Item? We will log your report, and if the item has not been confirmed delivered through tracking after 60 days from the shipment date, we will automatically process a full refund. Review the FAQ: What if I haven't received my item? for full details.
  • We're sorry but it is not possible for Tophatter to refund or reimburse the cost of foreign transaction fees or overdraft fees from your bank, additional postage due, Customs, VAT, or any other taxes or fees which were not included on your invoice and paid through My Orders.​ If you incur these costs, we recommend consulting local import laws, your post office or your bank for additional details.
  • For the security of our shoppers, only the Shipping Address is shared with partners. Issues with an order should only be resolved through the options provided under My Orders. If a listing includes a partner's direct contact information, we strongly recommend using caution, as our Buyer Protection does not cover transactions that take place outside of our platform.

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