Yes, we offer Buyer Protection!
  1. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may request a return for up to 30 days after delivery to receive a full refund upon return of the item. Review the FAQ: How do I return an item? for more details.
  2. If you have not received an item, and it has not been confirmed delivered with a valid tracking number to the address provided at the time of payment, you can report a late delivery from My Orders by clicking the item, then clicking Where's My Item? 

    ​After 60 days have passed, if the item still has not been confirmed delivered with a valid tracking number to the address provided at the time of paymenta full refund will be automatically processed. Review the FAQ: What if I haven't received my item? for more details.

We cannot refund or reimburse the cost of Customs, taxes, VAT or additional postage expenses that were not paid through this platform.​ 

For the security of our customers, only a buyer's mailing address is shared with sellers. Any issue with an order should only be resolved through the options provided within the platform under My Orders. If a listing includes a seller's direct contact information, we strongly recommend using caution, as Buyer Protection does not cover any transactions that take place outside of this platform.

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