Yes! All items shown on the platform are really for sale, and each bid for an item is considered a legitimate offer. Items must be paid immediately after winning them.

Bidding is completely free; there are no fees of any kind for bidding. You will only pay when you purchase an item as the winning bidder or through Buy Now.

Bidding starts with a predetermined opening bid amount. Shoppers place subsequent bids, increasing the price. The price increase for each bid is based on the current bid amount, and bids increase in higher increments as the price goes up. When a new high bid is recognized, the viewing time for that item is extended by a few seconds.

The final winning bid is the price at which the item will be sold. There may be an additional shipping price, which is indicated on each listing. 
The button next to any item shows the bidding status: 
  • NEXT means this item will be opening for bids in a moment. Watch for this to change to the BID button.
  • BID $_ means you can place a bid for this item at the price indicated.
  • OUTBID appears if you don't bid quickly enough, and you can try bidding again. 
  • WINNING appears when you've successfully placed a bid and you're the highest bidder. Keep an eye on the item to make sure no one outbids you. If they do, you can bid again. 
  • The progress bar under the button shows how much longer the item will be up for bids.
  • SOLD means that item has been won and is no longer up for bids.
  • CLOSED means the bidding time ended and the item did not sell. The next item will appear shortly.
Scroll up and down the page to view more items.