Paul J For Feline Strays

From Iowa
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Ok so what was I thinking when I bought a 10 plus karat piece? Lots of pink. Boy is it ever! It is enormous, gorgeous and simply delicious. Problem: it has already been stolen by my pregnant daughter. What can you do?? She's married and in her 30's . I can't exactly send her to her room. Fell for the okey doke. See what I just got dear? I send her a phone photo. She hops in her car, gets here and tries it on. After she left I couldn't find my ring. Call her...did you see my new ring anywhere? Hehe she says, I FORGOT to take it off. SIGH!! Anyone want to adopt a 32 year old pregnant child?? She's free to a good home...LOL Uh just bring my ring back first!
I was surprising stunned on how much it looked like my set I got for my 25th anniversary. almost made me return mine that I paid 3000.00 for. still mulling it over .
I absolutely love this ring. It is just the right size and when the light hits it, it sparkles beautifully. In addition, I received the ring several days earlier than expected. Will definitely purchase from this vendor again....I love the fact that I get high quality jewelry from this vendor in addition to part of the money I spend helps homeless animals.


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