Jenelle Aubade

From olympia
999 Positive Reviews


Ever single lamp I have gotten from Jenelle has been gorgous!! This one is no different! It's just gorgous! It reminds me of a fruit bowl!!
I don't generally wear much lipstick because it always feels too dry and like it's sort of caked on (especially in the winter time when my lips tend to get very dry anyway). However, this lipstick goes on so smoothly, and it feels really soft and light on my lips. The slight fragrance of peppermint and rose is also quite lovely. I ended up liking this so much that I actually have another shade coming as well as a Therapy Lipstick that I am super excited to use! I would definitely recommend that you give Jenelle's lipstick a try!
The talent of this craft's women is exceptional. I did not know what to expect, and every time I look at the heart I see more and more detail. It truly looks the windswept Turtle Back Mountain, that is right out side my window.


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