Rose quartz spheres, bmgm
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Rose quartz spheres, bmgm
Rose quartz spheres, bmgm
Rose quartz spheres, bmgm

Cyn Moon Hunter

Get Your Rocks Off: Enchanted Arts on November 15, 6pm PST

Ships from United States within 2 business days of payment.

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Bidding starts for one sphere.
These rose quartz spheres vary in hue and shade, from the lightest and most delicate of pinks to a deep, bold pink. Some are nearly clear, others have rainbows and inclusions that give them a lot of personality.
Measures about 3/4 inch each. Perfect for wands, wire wrapping, jewelry making, mojo bags, the uses for these are endless.
I have several of these to offer as bonuses.
Rose quartz enhances self love just by carrying it on your person, or wearing a piece of rose quartz jewelry. It can be used in heart healing spells, love spells, self esteem spells, and for spells to enhance any glamour. (need to know what a glamour is? just ask)
Ships from my home in the mountains of WV the business day following cleared payment.
Yes, I combine shipping.

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