Deviant Moon Tarot - Stunning Illustrations!
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Deviant Moon Tarot - Stunning Illustrations!
Deviant Moon Tarot - Stunning Illustrations!
Deviant Moon Tarot - Stunning Illustrations!


Divination Nation: Enchanted Arts on November 8, 6pm PST

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The Deviant Moon Tarot has surreal, very unique, and sometimes disturbing moonlit artwork. It's inspired by (and incorporates) images of cemetaries and mental asylums, and designed to illuminate deeper parts of the subsconscious.

It’s a deck of the subconscious, of bad dreams, of visions from a bad trip come to life. Patrick’s symbolism comes from childhood dreams and imagination, a visual dedication to his interest in the ‘more melancholy side of life’. It’s reminiscent of its Rider-Waite heritage but really has a feeling all of its own. It’s a nice change to see imagery with such polish and dedication that also has an obvious familiarity with the tarot’s symbolism; it stays true to tarot but brings to it a new and disturbing approach.

As is common for recent decks from US Games, the card stock of the Deviant Moon is very slick and heavily laminated. The backs are reversible and have a dark brown background with geometrically arranged crescent-moon designs. There are two extra non-tarot cards; a title card with the angel from the Judgement card, and a card ‘About Patrick Valenza’ with his background and artistic history. The cards have their own box that holds them and the booklet, and this sits with a fold-out spread sheet inside an equally glossy outer cardboard box with a slipcase cover.

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