Two Echo Bodine Books
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Two Echo Bodine Books
Two Echo Bodine Books


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If you want to learn more about developing your innate intutitve abilities, renowned psychic Echo Bodine's classic "A Small, Still Voice" (2001) and "The Gift" (2003) can help you identify and hear your "small, still voice" of intuition.

I found these books to be very helpful on my journey to learn how to embrace my gifts rather than fear them. My hope now is someone else will be able to learn from them.

Paperbacks, both books are in very good condition with only slight signs of usage. The edges of the pages show some yellowing from age. The pages are clean with no markings.

There is a crease located on the edge in the middle on the cover of "A Still, Small Voice". It looks like the bottom edge of "The Gift" got wet staining the bottom edge of the pages.

A great addition to your library!

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