Ask your spirit guides a Question/Mediumship
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Ask your spirit guides a Question/Mediumship
Ask your spirit guides a Question/Mediumship

Intuitive readings-Adrienne Ventura (FB)

Divination Nation: Enchanted Arts on November 8, 6pm PST

Ships from United States within 0 business days of payment.

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Receive a message from your spirit guides and ask a question. Your response will be emailed back to you within 24 hrs upon receiving your question. I'll require an emailed recent photo where I'm able to see your eyes.
I'll energetically connect with your spirit guides through your photo and share a message from them as well as an answer to your question.

If you don't have a specific question, I also offer mediumship in its place and call to a soul who has crossed over to the other side.

Please email your photo and question and or mediumship request to;

Thank you for your interest,

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