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Amethyst Sphere Gazing Ball BMGM


Ships from United States within 2 business days of payment.


This item will sell on November 15, 6pm PST in the Get Your Rocks Off: Enchanted Arts auction.

This little amethyst sphere is nice, ready to be made into jewelry, put on a stand, put on the end of a wand, or into a mojo bag. The uses for these are endless!! Amethyst is a powerful stone, long regarded for its ability to ward off bad spirits, ward off hexes and curses, and recycle negative energy into positive. Also the stone used to maintain a sober mind. Measures about 5/8 inch in diameter.
Bidding starts for one sphere. Get up to five of this size!
Retails at about $10 each at nature's art, one of the best rock and fossil shops in the country.
Ships from my home in the mountains of WV.