Barite Rose Cherokee Tears
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Barite Rose Cherokee Tears
Barite Rose Cherokee Tears
Barite Rose Cherokee Tears

Cyn Moon Hunter

Get Your Rocks Off: Enchanted Arts on November 15, 6pm PST

Ships from United States within 2 business days of payment.

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These stones, also known as the Oklahoma Rose Rock, the Barite Rose, and Cherokee Tears, can only be found in central Oklahoma, and in fact are the oklahoma state rock. The legend is that as the Cherokee people walked the trail of tears, where their tears fell, these roses formed.
The pictures are for example, not all of them look exaclty alike! I have ten of these, the more you bid, the more you get. No one stone is bigger than a dime, the perfect size for jewelry making and wire wrapping.
Barite is said to be an excellent communication aid, especially in relationships.
Retail value stated is for all ten stones.
Ships from my home in the mountains of WV the business day following cleared payment.

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