Double Terminal Quartz Crystal Generator
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Double Terminal Quartz Crystal Generator
Double Terminal Quartz Crystal Generator
Double Terminal Quartz Crystal Generator

Cyn Moon Hunter

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This is a very high quality double terminal quartz crystal generator, very clear with a few inclusions that are natural fracture in the rock. About 3 inches long by one inch high.
Why is it called a quartz crystal generator? Because it generates such a perfect frequency of energy that it is used in watches to keep time, it has such a perfect vibration.
Double terminal quartz crystals are ideal for directing energy flows, they are often used on altar tables to enhance energy flow, on wands and other ritual tools, and by healers and energy workers, as they focus the energy, and amplify it from the source to the intended receiver.
Though these stones have their own natural magick, some people like to charge their crystals, this is very easy, simply expose them to natural kinetic energy: sunlight, moonlight, rivers, thunderstorms, snowstorms, etc.
Some people prefer to cleanse their crystals before use, this is also very easy, you can smudge them with sage, place them in sea salt, wash them (many people use an infusion of mugwort, depending on what they intend to use them for) or bury them in the earth.
Will come well packaged, with tracking.

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