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Hecate's Torch Remembrance Candle

Hecate's Torch Remembrance Candle by Cyn Moon Hunter

Item Description

This item will sell on November 1, 6pm PDT in the Enchanted Arts: Pagan Goods auction.

Ships from United States within 8 business days of payment.

Concept, artwork, and design copyright 2005 by Mongoose Magick
This candle was designed and created by the notorious Rev. HP RCF aka the Mongoose, as a spell candle to honor the dead. This candle will carry your intent through the veils to let those on the other side that you remember and honor them. There is a place to write the names of your beloved dead, imagery of the Torch of Hecate, the patron goddess of witchcraft, which she uses to guide the dead through the crossroads into the otherworld. Has an invocation chant devised by RCF to the Goddess Hecate, the spirits of the dead will hear you, and perhaps pay a visit.
Ritually charged by RCF, that means packed with powerful magick.
The jar is made of glass, and is 8 inches tall, containing a 7 day candle.
Weighs 1 lb, must be shipped priority.
Photography and design by RCF, concept originally created by RCF in 1987, copyrighted in 2005.
Sorry, antique gardenarian altar table and skull candle holder are NFS.
Ships from our home in the mountains of WV the business day following cleared payment.