Zodiac Pocket Watch. New #10
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Zodiac Pocket Watch. New  #10
Zodiac Pocket Watch. New  #10

♫Honesty♡ RINGS♡True♫

Enchanted Arts: Pagan Goods on November 1, 6pm PDT

Ships from United States within 7 business days of payment.

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QUALITY Working Full Size Pocket Watch reminiscent of the pocket watches of yesteryear! Comes with 2 batteries; one inside, one on the side! And, it takes a very common battery so there will be no worry getting them when you do need them!
Hello Friend! Welcome! HRT is celebrating 10 years in on-line sales!!
Here at ♫Honesty♡ RINGS♡True♫ you will get just that-honesty. I will not mislead you as to the true origins of the parts of my jewellery. If it's a stone, I'll tell you, if it's not, I won't misrepresent it to you as such!! I respect and expect honesty in return. That is what true business is built upon. If you agree, please read on.
Please read the entire listing prior to bidding to ensure that you understand the size, quantity & costs of the product. Postage is part of the cost, it is non-negotiable. No returns please.
***To save you money, this will be shipped WITHOUT INSURANCE!******I HIGHLY ADVISE YOU PURCHASE INSURANCE ! Please ask for insurance quotes!***
PLEASE PAY ASAP! I have accident-induced memory problems...I occasionally forget about/lose unpaid listings . PLEASE HELP BY PAYING THE SAME DAY AS THE AUCTION. Thanks! net:
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