Fire Sprite Silver and Garnet Pendant
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Fire Sprite Silver and Garnet Pendant
Fire Sprite Silver and Garnet Pendant
Fire Sprite Silver and Garnet Pendant


Fantasy, Fairytale, Whimsical Handmade on October 17, 5pm PDT

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This is my forging of a Fire Sprite, the spirit of Fire. Hand forged of sterling silver, and set with a glowing Garnet, this unique pendant embodies the interpretation of freedom, life, and joy.
Pendant measures 1.75 inches in height, and .75 inches in width, on an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

"A breath of smoke encircled the creature, glowing embers of living flame flickered in the air, and the spicy smell of cinnamon streaked with silver enveloped me... Here was a Fire Sprite, the living being of fire, dancing in the evening light for purest pleasure. Her laugh echoed in joy, with the sound of leaping strings, and a rumble of drums. Freedom was never so powerfully danced, nor the gift of life so fully celebrated."

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