Online Class - Intro to Hoodoo & Spellcraft
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Online Class - Intro to Hoodoo & Spellcraft
Online Class - Intro to Hoodoo & Spellcraft

Oseaana Inara Nightlinger-December

Enchanted Arts: Pagan Goods on November 1, 6pm PDT

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This is an OnDemand virtual class. Take the class anytime from the comfort of your home! (Class Kit Not Offered for this Auction - This is for the class only!)

Have you always wanted to learn Hoodoo? This class has NEWLY ADDED material that expands on the practice of Hoodoo and explores other spellcraft and witchcraft techniques.

Learn to fix a skull candle to influence a person!

This pre-recorded on-demand video class (approx. 2 hours long) which covers the history and basics of Hoodoo and Rootwork and looks at it's connection and similarities to other witchcraft and spellcraft forms.

Topics included:

Hoodoo vs Voodoo
Rootwork Terms and What They Mean
Candle Magick
Crafting Personal Spells
Magickal Correspondences
Working with Saints, Angels and Psalms
and More!

There is a presentation that goes along with the class information. Towards the end of class Oseaana demonstrates how to work a skull candle to influence a person.

Oseaana is a witch of over 20 years, a certified Rootworker and has been offering magickal services to clients worldwide for over 10 years. This class is offered on the Mystical Journeys School network. I will email you the information to access the class within 24 hours.

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