Original Rider Waite Tarot Cards
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Original Rider Waite Tarot Cards
Original Rider Waite Tarot Cards
Original Rider Waite Tarot Cards

Helen (byHelenJewelry.etsy.com)

Enchanted Arts: Pagan Goods on November 1, 6pm PDT

Ships from United States within 2 business days of payment.

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Item Description

This is a deck never used, unwrapped and in perfect condition.

The Original Rider-Waite Tarot differs from the Rider-Waite Tarot, as it has less saturated colors and a brownish hue, titles as drawn by Pamela Colman-Smith, and a more decorative back pattern. They are very earthy in appearance.

As always, payment within 24 hours is appreciated.

I want you to know that I give 10% of everything I make to the North Shore Animal League. They are the largest no kill shelter and the go after puppy mills.

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