Tektite/Meteoritic Glass Earrings
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Tektite/Meteoritic Glass Earrings
Tektite/Meteoritic Glass Earrings

Nici Roberts

Enchanted Arts: Pagan Goods on November 1, 6pm PDT

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These earrings make me think of outer space. I handmade them using sterling silver, stainless steel, crystals, and black tektite beads. Tektite is a glass that's formed on the Earth's surface from the heat caused to the surrounding ground by a meteorite's impact. How cool is that?
Tektite is associated with the planets Jupiter and Pluto. It is connected with the zodiac sign Sagittarius as well as with deep-red roses, which are associated with the element of fire. Most of all, Tektite is associated with the ability to see beyond the material universe and into the spirit world, both the terrestrial one and the extraterrestrial.
It is also used against anger and sleeplessness. In general, it is used as a means to unleash energy that is not agitating, but focusing and relaxing.
Great for astral travel.
They hang at @ 2 inches from the hooks.

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