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Tarot Reading: 13 cards, 18 years experience


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This item will sell on November 8, 6pm PST in the Divination Nation: Enchanted Arts auction.

This auction is for a tarot reading in the Celtic Cross formation with 3 extra cards, for a total of 13 cards. I have been a practicing witch for 20 years, and reading for 18 of those years, and have been using the same deck for all those years...

This is a basic reading, where it will answer questions that are in the back of your mind, and give you a breakdown of your general life situation. what it entails:
Your current position in life. What crosses you. what is the foundation of the problem. what is behind you. what is hanging over your head. what comes next. your outer environment. Your inner environment. your inner feelings. the outcome. then three more cards will be pulled for clarification.

I will ask you to:
email me your name and a picture of you (if you're comfortable) to help me connect. I will email you my results, so that you may keep it and read it as necessary. This will be an extensive email, so please make sure your server can receive it.
OR we can set up a time and call you for a reading over the phone. I will NOT remember what I said later, I read in an alpha state. Most people prefer the emailed results, because they can go back and read it.

You will have the truth laid bare, be warned, this may not be easy for you to read, or hear. I don't filter anything out, I say what comes.

I have formal training in witchcraft and the occult, I am a second degree of the First Blood tradition of witchcraft.

Disclaimer: tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. The reader is not liable for any and all emotional issues arising from said reading.

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