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 7 Card Sword Tarot Reading


Ships from United States within 2 business days of payment.


This item will sell on November 8, 6pm PST in the Divination Nation: Enchanted Arts auction.

This listing is for one seven card sword spread. This spread helps you decide in a situation and overcome an obstacles in your way. Personally I believe this spread is more geared towards decision-making than any other sort of questions.

The positions and their meanings:

1. The heart of the matter.
2. Your starting point.
3. Your support/ base/ foundation.
4. Your chance/ what will aid you.
5. A problem that's being solved.
6. A desire that's being fulfilled.
7. New knowledge and insights.

There aren't any "yes" or "no" answers - this is an insightful process. You will receive an interpretation of the cards that I draw for you.

I will be using the Faerie deck, which happens to be more laid-back.

You will receive:
- A photo of your spread in .jpeg format.
- Close-up photos of the cards.
- A full interpretation of the cards, within 48 hours.
- Any questions you may have about the spread and your results!

What I need from you:
- Your name or alias.
- The email in which you want your reading sent to.
- The question you have, as informative or vague as you please. Remember, if the answer to your question is just a yes or a no, this is not the tarot spread for you!

This is for entertainment only. A reading isn't in place of any legal, medical, or otherwise professional advice. Take any actions at your own risk. You must be 18 years or older to receive a reading.