10 Handmade road map paper beads
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10 Handmade road map paper beads
10 Handmade road map paper beads


Supplies on September 21, 4pm PDT

Ships from United States within 7 business days of payment.

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At $10 I'll send 2 extra beads - 12 total
At $16 I'll send 10 extra beads - 20 total
At $20 I'll send 15 extra beads - 25 total
At $26 I'll send 20 extra beads - 30 total
At $30 I'll send 25 extra beads - 35 total

Ive wrapped and sealed each of these beads myself. They are made from an old State Farm road map of North America. They are accented with a clear glass bead and wire-wrapped and ready for your projects.

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