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 Three Card Tarot Reading / Immediate Situation


Ships from United States within 2 business days of payment.


This item will sell on November 1, 6pm PDT in the Enchanted Arts: Pagan Goods auction.

This listing is for one tarot reading of three cards. The positions of the cards represent your current situation, your attitude towards what's happening, and the key element that you should consider.

You have a questions or an issue that you just need to figure out the answers for? This will give you insight to your current situation and hopefully give you a new perspective on it.

There aren't any "yes" or "no" answers - this is an insightful process. You will receive an interpretation of the cards that I draw for you, as such, your question shouldn't be a yes or no question.

I will be using the Faerie deck, which is more laid-back.

You will receive:
- A photo of your card layout in .jpeg format.
- A full interpretation of the cards.
- Any questions you may have about the cards and your results!

What I need from you:
- Your name or alias.
- The email in which you want your reading sent to.
- Your question - as detailed as possible, and that you are comfortable with.

* You will receive your reading within 48 hours.

This is for entertainment only. A reading isn't in place of any legal, medical, or otherwise professional advice. Take any actions at your own risk. You must be 18 years or older to receive a reading.