Deer antler Turtle Medicine Smudge Feather
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Deer antler Turtle Medicine Smudge Feather
Deer antler Turtle Medicine Smudge Feather
Deer antler Turtle Medicine Smudge Feather

Tammi Johnson

Divination Nation: Enchanted Arts on November 8, 6pm PST

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This is a Smaller version Partial Deer Antler Smudge Feather with natural turkey feather.
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The Turtle is a powerful totem for protection and Other associations for the turtle include:

Venus (Roman)
Aphrodite (Greek)
Northern directions
Lunar (moon aspect)
Femininity (except in African lore where it is considered a male symbol)
In China and Japan the turtle is a symbol for longevity.

In Asian myth the turtle represents cosmic order:

Its shell is symbolic of the heavens
Its body symbolic of the earth
Its undershell represents the underworld.
Furthermore, it is considered to have brought about the creation of the universe from its parts.

What's more, the turtle is a symbol of motherhood and creation. You can read more about that here.

Divination or foretelling has been known to be conducted by reading a turtle's shell and underbelly. These parts of the turtle are said to depict a map of the stars and sacred writings. Furthermore, most turtle shells are divided into thirteen sections which is associated with the thirteen phases of the moon in a year.

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