African Amethyst**Bonus Bidding!**
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African Amethyst**Bonus Bidding!**
African Amethyst**Bonus Bidding!**
African Amethyst**Bonus Bidding!**

Nici Roberts

Get Your Rocks Off: Enchanted Arts on November 15, 6pm PST

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**Bonus Bidding Info at Bottom!**
2.85ct medium grapey-colored pear shaped faceted African amethyst gemstone. Eye clean and ready for wrapping or mounting, the possibilities are endless! This amethyst, from Africa, the birthplace of all humanity, is the stone of psychic awareness, recall and sobriety will allow you to delve deeper into the metaphysical planes of existence.
**If bidding get's to $18, I'll add another amethyst of the same size and shape!!**

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