Paul "Bear" Bryant's "Bearing Crimson" by Jeff Mitchell
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Paul "Bear" Bryant's "Bearing Crimson" by Jeff Mitchell Paul "Bear" Bryant's "Bearing Crimson" by Jeff Mitchell

Boxing Bear Studio

Bear Bryant Poster by Jeff Mitchell on July 10, 7pm PDT

Ships from United States within 2 business days of payment.

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11"x14" Print - Limited Edition (2/100)

"Bearing Crimson" is a signed and dated digital reproduction of original mixed media artwork by Jeff Mitchell (2012).

11"x14" Printed Area on 12"x18" cut sheet
Digital CMYK print on 220 gsm linen-pressed white stock

Edition limited to 100 total prints. Only the first ten prints in the edition will be made public on Tuesday, July 10th.

Each print is sized to fit a standard 16"x20" frame when paired with a mat.

Each print from this edition will be titled, signed, dated, numbered and embossed by the artist at the studio.

See more work by Jeff Mitchell at

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