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Decorative Wine or Liquor Bottle


Ships from United States within 1 business days of payment.


These painted bottles make a beautiful base for wedding centerpieces (as seen on Pinterest)

Can be customized for your wedding or home decor.

Shipping is based on the USPS cost for Large Flat Rate. If you'd like to downgrade, message me when you pay, I will refund any difference.

Pictured are a few ways I have upcycled bottles for holidays, weddings, etc.

The bottles are sprayed with 3-4 coats of enamel paint and and matte finish. They can be customized for your decor, color scheme or occasion.

This listing is for ONE bottle (unless the bidding goes a bit higher, may have to throw in freebies!) .

I have the plain white with or without glitter, light blue distressed, light blue Jack Daniels, and large wine bottles painted with a textured Carribean Sand color paint - that are made and ready to ship.

For customized the process takes me 3-5 days (this is the long estimate) once I have the specifications. I am making the shipping time on this two weeks to account for any delay in receiving your specifications and to allow for painting, finish spraying, drying, curing and decorating.

I always strive to ship ASAP but never will I hurry the process of decoration so you can be assured the best product possible.