Muscle Relaxing Solid Lotion Massage Bar
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Muscle Relaxing Solid Lotion Massage Bar Muscle Relaxing Solid Lotion Massage Bar

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Muscle Relaxing Solid Lotion Massage Bar
Stressed and muscles starting to ache? Maybe you just started to work out again and or you slept funny last night and now you back is killing you! Well this is the massage bar for you! Made with Eucalyptus Globulus not only will the bar its self moisturize and massage the skin but the Eucalyptus is actually known to ease muscle tension!

Here is some info from EB&B about Eucalyptus Globulus:
Info: Especially useful in room & linen sprays for opening the sinuses when one is suffering from cold, flu or congestion. Also used for muscle & joint creams/balms/lotions.


Simply rub the bar onto your skin and you will feel it melting into your skin! Just that easy!

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