White Pearl Silver Gold Wire Wrap Earrings
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White Pearl Silver Gold Wire Wrap Earrings
White Pearl Silver Gold Wire Wrap Earrings

Tanya aka ThePerfectJewel4U

Team Venus & Irihana Team on Etsy Sellers on Tophatter with 100+ Sellers! on June 2, 10am PDT

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Wire meanders around beads and faux pearls...This pair of earrings is created with non-tarnish silver wire, ivory glass pearls, and stardust gold beads. They hang about 2 inches from the top of the fish hook-style ear wire. Please don't go by the size of my mannequin, as she's the size of a Crissy doll (are you old enough to remember that?)

These earrings are elegant and fun to wear. You'll enjoy them no matter what the occasion. Visit http://www.ThePerfectJewel4U.etsy.com

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