David Fussenegger 'A,B,C' Baby Blanket
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David Fussenegger 'A,B,C' Baby Blanket
David Fussenegger 'A,B,C' Baby Blanket
David Fussenegger 'A,B,C' Baby Blanket

My Sweet Muffin

Project Nursery on May 23, 5pm PDT

Ships from United States within 2 business days of payment.

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Item Description

This incredibly soft and beautiful blanket from Austria company David Fussenegger is a perfect gift to welcome a little one. They are great for lining the playpen, layering the crib, or just making crawling on the floor more fun.
Made in Austria. it's superior in quality.
Size: 28"x36",
Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Rayon,
Care: Machine wash, Line dry.

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