Art Wall Wooden Clock, Monkey
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Art Wall Wooden Clock, Monkey
Art Wall Wooden Clock, Monkey
Art Wall Wooden Clock, Monkey

My Sweet Muffin

Project Nursery on May 23, 5pm PDT

Ships from United States within 2 business days of payment.

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Item Description

This whimsical 3D wall clock hand crafted in Massachusetts, U.S.A.

It's Non-Toxic. It's carefully crafted using sustainably harvested Baltic birch plywood and printed with non-toxic water-based inks. Glue or any type of chemical coatings was not used. The inks are transparent so the subtle wood grain shows through creating a warm and natural appearance.
It's Quite! Quartz movement makes the clock more accurate and quite.
Ready to hang! No assembly required. Pre-drilled hole for hanging.
Made in USA.
Dimensions: approx. 11.5"W x 11.5”H x 1"D
Requires one AA battery ( Not included.)
Comes in a sturdy cardboard box. Perfect for a gift!

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