Box of Unique Vintage Buttons
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Box of  Unique Vintage Buttons
Box of  Unique Vintage Buttons

Vee Pope (

Supplies on February 27, 9am PST

Ships from United States within business days of payment.

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Item Description

I bought a barrel of buttons from a seamstress estate. No, Really a barrel. It was there, I made an offer and before I knew it, two guys were putting it in my car, barrel and all !

Now I have literally thousands of buttons for you. I'm not sorting them, just sending them out with lots of good wishes for fun and enjoyment with a box of buttons.

You will be getting 350 buttons or more. I'm going to fill up a small flat rate box and send it out to you. So needless to say, I'm getting you a box full of buttons.

Big buttons, small buttons, buttons with shanks, flat back buttons, red, pink, blue, brown, black, white, green, tan buttons.

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